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Asher Street

6 Apartments

The proposal provides 6 one bedroom apartments over two storeys, with 3x apartments on ground and 3 apartments on level 01. Each level 01 apartment is directly above the below ground floor level studio and is accessed via an external open staircase. Facilities for waste and bicycles are located within shared entrance areas at ground level. Each apartment has glazing and decks immediately accessible from adjacent living areas that face north. The apartments on the corner of Asher Street and Havelock Avenue have an additional orientation to the east.

The apartments have been designed to achieve high levels of amenity through good cross ventilation, solar access, storage, view/outlook, private outdoor open space ,privacy and large efficient open plan living, dining and bedroom areas.

As the site is long and narrow and faces directly north the proposal maximises the apartment width to depth ratio in order to create large amounts of north facing glazing to a small apartment depth. Kitchens, laundries, storage and other facilities are located along the rear wall in order to maximise their capacity without compromising the panoramic outlook of the facade.