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Benelong Road

The proposal is for two large 4x bedroom residences overlooking Primrose park in Cremorne.  From the streetscape the proposal presents as a two storey luxury townhouse with individual garages and pedestrian entrances.  The architectural expression includes a simple palate of materials with rich layering in the detail and expression of each material.  From the rear the proposal includes three levels which follow the slope of the site and include large external decks for the master bedroom (top), primary living area (ground) and secondary living area (lower level).     

Each space within the design includes direct views, sunlight and ventilation through large glazed areas and spacious external landscaped terraces. 

Kitchens, joinery and wet areas have all been crafted to create a refined and elegant aesthetic.  High quality natural materials suh as timber, stone and metal have been adopted to create a luxurious feel.