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Alex Phegan


Alex is a founding director of ess with extensive experience in the areas of multi residential, public and commercial architecture and urban planning. Alex brings detailed knowledge in the management, design and delivery of both major strategic projects and intimate residential developments.

Alex believes it is essential to have both a broad understanding of the cultural, financial and political issues affecting architecture as well as the detailed design and construction issues formulating the built form. This holistic understanding of the many and diverse aspects affecting and creating architecture allows Alex to create an architecture that is adaptive and responsive to an increasingly changing and complex world.

Alex believes it is critical to formulate a collaborative approach to design. By combining the knowledge of consultants, client and contractor to inform and shape the design from its inception through to its completion. This is critical in creating the “one team” approach by bringing each part of the design process together to focus on a common strategic goal.

Alex utilises his range of experience across multiple sectors including health care, lifestyle and commercial to create informed solutions. By utilising knowledge from residential to inform commercial and vice versa knowledge and experience can be utilised to create custom based intelligent solutions that are responsive to a changing and developing world.

Robert Woodward

Robert is a Director at ess and NSW registered Architect with extensive project experience on the design and delivery of large scale award winning public, commercial and residential projects. Roberts Architectural experience has been developed both locally and internationally working with globally recognised firms such as Foster and Partners in London.

From project inception Robert’s approach to design is one of critical thinking and strategic execution. A thorough understanding of all site complexities, relevant controls, construction procurement methodologies and a commercial overlay  provides Robert with a comprehensive framework from which he he can generate creative solutions to a variety of project types.

With the ability to oversee the design output on a number of projects at any one time Robert is able to communicate with, and manage effectively teams and clients alike in order to deliver efficiently coordinated and well crafted buildings.

Robert also leads the office in the development and implementation of new technologies to further enhance the design process, improve construction, increase delivery quality and keep ess at the forefront of the creative industry.