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Premier Street
Neutral Bay

25 Apartments

Premier street is a boutique apartment building including three bedroom and two bedroom apartments. The site is a steep site surrounded with lush greenery which allows for private residences to step down the site and orientate towards the views of north Sydney and the city of Sydney.

The internal layouts of the apartments have been designed in order to maximise amenity by providing dual frontages where possible which incorporate large areas of glazing to both the living area and bedrooms. 

Each unit maintains great privacy through the use of a solid upstand which provides the building with a simple horizontal language while maximising views and ventilation and minimises views inside the project.

The proposed façade articulation is horizontal in nature and provides a bespoke response to the amenity requirements of the occupants. The simple material and colour pallet deliberate response to the project’s urban but garden locale. Simple expressed horizontal elements provide the framework for an exploration of texture providing differing levels of solidity, transparency and opaqueness through material manipulation and detail.

Planting and landscape design is an important aspect of the projects appearance both within the streetscape and internally within the communal and external terraced areas of each apartment. Planting has been used as the primary appearance along the streetscape at ground level to create a green edge to the proposal. This planting is then continued up the proposal vertically as planter boxes accessed from the decks and glazed living areas from each apartment.