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Premier Street
Neutral Bay

25 Apartments

Premier street is a boutique apartment building including three bedroom and two bedroom apartments. The site is a steep site surrounded with lush greenery which allows for private residences to step down the site and orientate towards the views of north Sydney and the city of Sydney.

The internal layouts of the apartments have been designed in order to maximise amenity by providing dual frontages where possible which incorporate large areas of glazing to both the living area and bedrooms. 

Each unit maintains great privacy through the use of a solid upstand which provides the building with a simple horizontal language while maximising views and ventilation and minimises views inside the project.

The proposed façade articulation is horizontal in nature and provides a bespoke response to the amenity requirements of the occupants. The simple material and colour pallet deliberate response to the project’s urban but garden locale. Simple expressed horizontal elements provide the framework for an exploration of texture providing differing levels of solidity, transparency and opaqueness through material manipulation and detail.

Planting and landscape design is an important aspect of the projects appearance both within the streetscape and internally within the communal and external terraced areas of each apartment. Planting has been used as the primary appearance along the streetscape at ground level to create a green edge to the proposal. This planting is then continued up the proposal vertically as planter boxes accessed from the decks and glazed living areas from each apartment.

Benelong Road

The proposal is for two large 4x bedroom residences overlooking Primrose park in Cremorne.  From the streetscape the proposal presents as a two storey luxury townhouse with individual garages and pedestrian entrances.  The architectural expression includes a simple palate of materials with rich layering in the detail and expression of each material.  From the rear the proposal includes three levels which follow the slope of the site and include large external decks for the master bedroom (top), primary living area (ground) and secondary living area (lower level).     

Each space within the design includes direct views, sunlight and ventilation through large glazed areas and spacious external landscaped terraces. 

Kitchens, joinery and wet areas have all been crafted to create a refined and elegant aesthetic.  High quality natural materials suh as timber, stone and metal have been adopted to create a luxurious feel.

Carrington Road
Coogee 02

Apartment building

The proposal is located in Coogee along an elevated section of Carrington road with views towards the ocean and Coogee beach.  These natural assets being the existing lush green landscape, views, sunlight and ventilation have been incorporated into the design of the project.

The proposal adopts a simple aesthetic that maximises the natural assets of the site being light, views, privacy and the slope of the site.  Full height operable glazing is provided to living areas which are located to maximise solar and light access while focusing on the amazing and private views to and from the site.  This allows each unit to feel as though the occupant is living on an outdoor deck within the beautiful and natural landscape.  fixed and operable screening is provided to the bedroom and bathroom areas that are located adjacent to on grade external common landscaped areas.  Concrete up stands are provided to bathrooms and bedrooms that further aid in privacy.

The project aims at using a minimal and raw palette of materials aimed at providing a light infill to take advantage of the amazing existing space which is currently being underutilized.  Interior design and finishes are adopted that will enhance the raw and natural feel of the apartment and further enhance the feeling that you are living in an outdoor garden.

Carrington Road
Coogee 01

11 Apartments

The proposal is for 11 luxury 3 three bedroom apartments located in Coogee along Carrington Road with an elevated aspect of the distant water views of the Coogee beach area. The site is within walking distance to the beach and both Clovelly and Alison Rd commercial areas.

The aesthetics have been derived from the natural landscaping terrace typology and the inherent natural beauty of the Coogee Context. The aesthetics have also been used to develop a lifestyle that is as much about its external living environment as it is its internal living environment.

Each level has been conceived like natural typography incorporating a symbiotic relationship between internal living environments and external living environments. Stories are expressed as a series of horizontal concrete terrains with large landscaped areas. In-between each story/terrain include a combination of operable full height glazing and vertically expressed aluminium lightweight cladding either as fixed wall cladding or as angled fixed louvers. The Full height glazing is used where possible to open the living areas to the landscaped terraces and views to the streetscape and the distant ocean views. The cladding has been used strategically to provide controlled views for privacy while maintaining solar access.

Donavan Avenue